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Coll Formic - Matagalls.

The Matagalls is one of the highest summits of the Montseny with its 1697 meters. The ascent from Coll Formic is a classic one of the excursions by the bulk of the Montseny and is indicated for persones of all the ages and physical training conditionses. We propose a route that begins in Coll Formic where we will leave the car and we will go towards the Matagalls following red and white marks of GR. 5.2. The return we can later do it in the direction of the source of matagalls and towards the monastery of St. Segimón.

View of the ascent way

View of the ascent way

View of the summit

View of the summit


Distance: 15 km. aprox.

Time: 3 - 4 h.

Difficulty: Easy

Unevenness: 550 m.

See 3D route (kmz Google earth): kmz Google earth

Coordinates of waypoints

Point's name Coordinates UTM 31 ED50
Geographic Coordinates
Inicio - Coll Formic East 445804 North 4628238
Lon. 2º 20' 47.3'' Lat. 41º 48' 8.3''
Cumbre del Matagalls East 448804 North 4628948
Lon. 2º 22' 57'' Lat. 41 º 48' 32''
Font de Matagalls Est. 448160 Nord. 4629118
Lon. 2º 22' 29.2'' Lat. 41º 48' 37.5''
St. Miquel dels Barretons East. 446555 North 4630418
Lon. 2º 21' 19.2'' Lat. 41º 49' 19.2''

Route: We initiated the walked one in the parking that there is in Coll Formic, we crossed the highway and we raised to the way direction great masía that is seen from the highway. We continued by the main way until finding, in a curve, a footpath marked with the white and red signals of GR. 5.2. This way will take untill the top to us of the Matagalls that we will have at sight at many moments.

The slope we can do it taking first in the direction of the source of Matagalls that is hidding and surrounded by trees. Once rested the forces we walked direction of the monastery of St. Segimón following the crest of the mountain that is over the source. We will arrive at St. Segimón by St. Miquel dels Barretons that is just on our objective. It must lower with well-taken care of since it is a little difficult section.
Once made the visit to the monastery that has been being in restoration for many years, we will follow the track that accedes to him to return to Coll Formic.


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Les Agudes and the Turķ de l'Home