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Requesens Castle - Puig Neulós.

The castle of Requesens is located in a zone of great natural wealth, the Mountain range of the Albera, in the region of the Alt Empordà. To little distance is the top of the Puig Neulós that with its 1257 meters, is the Highest point of the zone and offers impressive views of the plain of the Rosellón, the Canigó, and the Alt Empordà. In order to make the walked one that we propose, is necessary to arrive at the town from Cantallops by the N-II or the AP-7 exit 2. From Cantallops must to continue by track forest in enough good state to crossroad which they lead to the castle (way of the right that happens over the Torrent de Coll Pregón) or to the neighborhood of Requesens (straight), we can leave the car here.

View of the summit

View of the summit

View from the summit towards Coll Pregón

View from the summit towards Coll Pregón


Distance: 20 km. aprox.

Time: 7 - 8 h.

Difficulty: Medium

Unevenness: 700 m.

Coordinates of waypoints

Point's name Coordinates UTM 31 ED50
Geographic Coordinates ETRS89
Beginning East 495210 North 4699700
Lon. 2º 56' 30.3'' Lat. 42º 26' 58.6''
Way to Puig Neulós East 495337 North 4700135
Lon. 2º 56' 35.8'' Lat. 42º 27' 12.7''
Coll del Pou East 494894 North 4702825
Lon. 2º 56' 16.4'' Lat. 42º 28' 40.0''
Puig Neulós East 495749 North 4703512
Lon. 2º 56' 53.8'' Lat. 42º 29' 3.2''
Coll Pregón East 496839 North 4702557
Lon. 2º 57' 41.5'' Lat. 42º 28' 31.2''

Route: We initiated the walked one by the track that continuous rectum towards the neighborhood of Requesens but which we will leave just a short time in turning to the right and taking "cami del Puig Neulós" (Way to Puig Neulós), of access restricted to the vehicles and which with some sections of strong slope but without difficulties, it will take to us until Coll of the Pou. From here continuous walking by the side of the wire that for of border to the top of the Puig Neulós.

It is possible to be returned by the followed way, or go direction Coll Pregón by the crest and to take a small footpath marked with white and yellow signals but a little visible. At the end of the footpath we will find the GR-11marked with red and white signals that will lead to us until the starting point.


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